Flexible Roller Conveyor


Flexible roller conveyor is applicable to all types of boxes, bags, trays and other pieces of cargo, bulk materials, or irregular item need to be placed in the tray or container transport. To transfer the weight of a large piece of material, or to bear a larger impact load, can be used multiple drum lines and other conveyor or the composition of the complex plane logistics process in many aspects, can be used to achieve the accumulation of materials delivery.

Flexible conveyors are exceptional for truck loading & unloading, retail stores, shipping areas, loading docks and plant floors distribution center & receiving area. Portable, expendable conveyors allow you to quickly create a temporary conveyor line where you require it. Just extend and curve the conveyor to meet your needs.


  • Economic and practical, cost-effective
  • The modular combination, easy to transport
  • Reliable operation, can be positive and negative to the conveyor
  • The leg height adjustable, wide application scope
  • Surface electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance
  • Simple structure, convenient use and maintenance
  • Easy to move by wheels
  • Steel and PVC for material of roller