Adjustable Mobile Belt Conveyor

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  • Adjustable Mobile Belt Conveyor


    The mobile conveyor (belt conveyor) is a continuous conveying handling equipment with efficiency, use and maneuverability. It is mainly used in places where loading and unloading sites are frequently changed, such as ports, docks, stations, coal yards, warehouses, construction sites, sand and gravel yards, farms, etc., used for short-distance transportation and loading and unloading of bulk materials or individual pieces weighing less than 100 kg. Piece of item mobile type of belt conveyor is divided into two categories: lift able and non-lift able. The operation of the conveyor belt is drive by electric drum. It is suitable for the transportation, stacking, loading and unloading of bulk grain and packaged grain.

    Feature of adjustable mobile belt conveyor

    • Apply to bagged and bulk material loading and unloading.
    • Height can be adjustable by inclined angle 6 ံ ~  30  ံ.
    • Anywhere to move easily by tire wheel.
    • The length and width of the conveyor can be customized.
    • The function of forward and reverse direction are featured.
    • Effective operation for bags and bulk material stacking in warehouse to save your labor cost.
    • Belt conveyor can be trough or flat transporting.
    • If need, can be enclosed to keep rainproof.
    • Indoor or outdoor application.
    • Mining, stope, agriculture, medicine, metallurgy, chemicals etc plant.
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